Most Important Questions for Thermodynamics(CET) GTU


There are various most important questions of chemical engineering thermodynamics subject, to be asked in the examinations of diploma engineering, given below are some of the most repeated and expected questions are given:

  • 3or 4 marks questions:

  1. Write scope and limitations of Thermodynamics.
  2. Explain PVT behaviour of pureĀ  fluid.
  3. Explain importance of Entropy in Thermodynamics.
  4. Explain PT behaviour of pure fluid.
  5. Discuss short note on Zeroth law of Thermodynamics.
  6. Explain in brief compressibility chart.
  7. Write Kelvin-Plank statement of second law of Thermodynamics. OR
    Write Clausiu’s statement of second law of Thermodynamics.
  8. Show that internal energy is a point function. OR
    Discuss internal energy.
  9. Discuss the viral equation and van-der-waal equations.
  10. Calculate degree of freedom for binary distillation system. OR
    Calculate degree of freedom for triple point of water. OR
    Calculate degree of freedom for system of water vapour and ice are in Equilibrium.
  11. Give difference between reversible and irreversible process.
  12. Differentiate state and path function with example. OR
    Discuss state and path function
  13. Write limitation of first law of Thermodynamics.
  14. Explain equation of state for real gas.
  15. Explain heat engine and heat pump.
  16. Explain Enthalpy.
  17. Discuss air refrigeration cycle and vapour compression.
  18. Explain intensive and extensive properties.
  • 7 marks question :

    1. Explain about Carnot cycle.
    2. Prove Cp-Cv=R for an ideal gas.
    3. Derive an equation of first law of Thermodynamics for flow process. OR
      Derive an equation of first law of Thermodynamics for non-flow process.
    4. Explain temperature scale with the help of zeroth law of Thermodynamics.
    5. Explain Clausius inequality
    6. List out the types of refrigerant and codes and also write a note on choice of regfrigerant.
    7. For an ideal gas derive PVY=constant for an adiabetic process.


1.A heat engine operate between 550K and 350K calculate maximum efficiency.(3/4marks)

2.Numerical based on change in entropy.


These questions are picked up from syllabus and last year papers.

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