Most Important Questions for PHT

PHT(process heat transfer)

is a subject where we study about the flow of heat transfer and, the heat handling equipments.
Given below are some of the most important questions to try for you PHT exam preparation.


  • 3 or 4 marks:

    1. Write importance of process heat transfer in industries.
    2. Derive Fourier’s law.
    3. Give difference between drop wise and film wise condesation.
    4. Explain Stefan Boltzman law.
    5. Explain plate type heat exchanger.
      Explain finned type heat exchanger.
    6. Classify heat exchanger.
    7. Explain short/long tube evaporator.
    8. Define pool boiling and regime of pool boiling.
    9. Write any four dimensionless group with it’s physical significance.
    10. Explain 1-2 shell and tube heat exchanger with neat sketch.
    11. Explain types of convection.
      Differentiate natural and force convection.
    12. Explain various types of baffle.
      Explain Baffle.
    13. Define black body, gray body, white body.
    14. Explain characteristics of liquid for evaporation.
    15. Describe capacity and economy of evaporators.
    16. Classify modes of heat transfer.
    17. Explain boiling point elevation and state duhring’s rule.
    18. Define heat flux, heat transfer rate, emissivity
    19. Discuss thermal conductivity and its variation with temperature.
    20. Explain thermal insultaion. Write names of some insulating materials.
  • 7 marks:

    1. Define LMTD and derive equation of LMTD for current flow type heat exchanger
      Derive equation of LMTD for co current flow type heat exchanger.
    2. Derive the equation for steady state heat transfer through solid wall of two layers(composite walls).
      Derive the equation for steady state heat transfer through a cylinder.
      Derive the equation for steady state heat transfer through sphere.
    3. Derive an equation of overall heat transfer coefficients from individual heat transfer coefficients.
    4. Numerical based on LMTD.
    5. Numerical based on emissivity(mainly in 4 marks)
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note:- made with the reference of GTU previous year papersĀ  and syllabus.

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