Most important questions of Mass transfer-2

These questions of mass transfer operations are taken from the previous year’s GTU papers. One can get good marks in the examination of chemical engineering by preparing these questions.

3 or 4 Marks Questions:

1. write industrial application of crystallization.

2. Draw the sketches of different reboilers.

3. Explain various methods to achieve supersaturation.

4. Write short note on Mier’s supersaturation theory for crystallization.

5. Classify gas-liquid contact equipment.

6. Explain the psychometric chart for air water system.

7. Explain Total reflux ratio, minimum reflux ratio and optimum reflux ratio.

8. Discuss the principle and application of ion exchange.

9. Write down the characteristics of the ideal solution.

10. Define Murphy tray efficiency, overall efficiency, and point efficiency.

11. Describe the flooding, coning, and dumping problems of Tray Tower.

12. Draw a neat sketch of a packed tower.

13. Explain the effect of temperature on adsorption.

14. Describe pressure swing adsorption. OR

Explain Higgins contractor.

15. Discuss the freundlich’s equation for adsorption.

16. Draw a neat sketch of Swenson-Walker crystallization.

17. Define Raoult’s law and its application. OR

Define Henry’s law and its application.

18. Describe flash vaporization.

19. Explain steam distillation and its importance. OR

Explain extractive distillation with a diagram.

20. Draw a neat sketch of the spray chamber.

21. Discuss the venturi scrubber with a diagram.

22, Explain HETP.

7 Marks Questions:

1. Explain different types of packing.

2. Explain the criteria for solvent selection for gas absorption.

3. Discuss the operating problems of the tray Tower. OR

Discuss the operating problems of the packed tower.

4. Derive relative volatility α=Pa/Pb.

5. Explain simple distillation. Derive Rayleigh equation for simple distillation.

6. Classify the types of cooling towers and draw a neat sketch of each type.

7. Describe constant pressure VLE with a diagram.

8. Explain the minimum liquid gas ratio for absorption.

9. Derive the material balance equation for gas absorption for counter-current flow for one component.

10. Numericals based on distillation.

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